Joined-up Driving

July 24, 2014

How much easier might driving be if you knew before turning the next corner that the driver ahead had put their brakes on?

Or how about being alerted to a broken-down vehicle in the road before you can actually see it?

Ford is one of a number of companies that have been investigating how intelligent transport systems could benefit drivers in the future, using information shared by other vehicles on the road and the road network itself.

The recently completed three-year DRIVE C2X programme employed around 750 drivers, and 200 vehicles – including more than 20 S-MAX and Mondeo models – to find out how such systems could be integrated into vehicles and road systems in Europe.

Ford led the development of experimental technologies that included Electronic Emergency Brake Light and Obstacle Warning.

Electronic Emergency Brake Light transmits a wireless signal, alerting the drivers behind, even if they are around a corner, and helping them to brake earlier, or maybe even avoid a collision.

Obstacle Warning technology alerts drivers to the presence, position and type of potentially hazardous objects in the road, such as pedestrians, animals or a broken down vehicle.

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