Kick out the jams

October 23, 2014

The longest traffic jam ever lasted 11 days and at its peak covered a 60-mile section of the National Expressway 110 between the Chinese capital of Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

Thankfully not all of us are forced to face such extreme mobility issues, but no matter where you are in the world you’re never that far away from a white-knuckled driver bemoaning the state of their road system.

Mobility issues differ wildly around the globe, there’s no one solution, so Ford has launched the Innovate Mobility Series that aims to recruit world’s most creative minds to find local solutions to local mobility problems.

In return for cash prizes and a scholarship, Ford is inviting high quality app submissions and creative solutions that address mobility issues at a local level – ranging from accessing hospitals in heavily populated Delhi to alleviating the strain of commuting in Shanghai.

The Innovate Mobility Series comprises of nine challenges in Lisbon, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Delhi, Chennai, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Argentina and Chongqing.


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