Landfill milestone achieved

June 30, 2016


We are no longer sending waste to landfills sites from any of our 12 manufacturing plants in Europe – including those in the U.K.

To achieve this milestone – from sending 6,000 tonnes from the plants five years ago – meant more recycling, as well as more reusing and repurposing.

Innovative measures included turning sludge into fuel at our Dagenham engine plant, in Essex.

“We have introduced a range of measures that have not only significantly reduced our reliance on landfill for our manufacturing plants, but removed it entirely. This achievement is a fantastic base to push on from and further improve in areas such as water and electricity usage reductions as Ford of Europe drives towards the company’s global sustainability ambitions,” said Andreas Reiss, manager, Environmental Quality Office Europe, Ford of Europe


We recently published our 2016 Sustainability Report, highlighting global achievements in areas including sustainable manufacturing, supply chain sustainability, quality and safety.