Leading the charge on electric cars

December 16, 2015

We’re introducing 13 new electrified vehicles by 2020 in markets around the world, including a new Focus Electric with a battery that can be charged to 80 per cent full in an estimated 30 minutes, and that will cover a projected 100-miles on a single charge.

It’s all part of our $4.5 billion (about £3 billion) investment in electrified vehicle solutions that includes accelerating battery technology, expanding our electrified vehicle research and development programme, and changing how we develop vehicle experiences for our customers.

By 2020, 40 per cent of our global nameplates will come in electrified versions. We’re also investing in research to observe how consumers interact with vehicles.

“We are using new insights from anthropologists, sociologists, economists, journalists and designers, along with traditional business techniques, to reimagine our product development process, create new experiences and make life better for millions of people,” said Raj Nair, executive vice president, Product Development and chief technical officer, Ford Motor Company.

Ford Investing $4.5 Billion in Electrified Vehicle Solutions, Re

A team of social scientists has already spent months exploring topics such as the future of luxury transport and how people form relationships with their vehicles. The findings will develop the Ford Smart Mobility plan — designed to take the company to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and data and analytics.

* http://www.nextgreencar.com/electric-cars/