LIVE BLOG: Ford at Mobile World Congress ’15

March 2, 2015

Hello, and welcome to Day 1 at Mobile World Congress 2015!

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Getting ready to kick off the press conference on Smart Mobility. Stay tuned for some big news.




COO, Barb Samardzich led the way on the #SmartMobility discussions. Discussing Ford’s Mobility vision by experimenting and developing solutions – to consider Ford a product, technology and mobility company.

This is the fourth year for Ford at Mobile World Congress.


Four ‘megatrends’ are changing the way we view innovation and mobility at Ford.

Growing populations, Changing Consumer attitudes and priorities, rapid growth of middle class and Air quality and health risks from congestion

Watch for more on those below:


Dr. Ken Washington, Vice President of Research and Advanced engineering discusses Ford’s mobility experiments, global megatrends what the solutions are to transportation challenges.

Ken Washington

“Innovation is about more than delivering great new cars and trucks. We are working to make people’s lives better and to create a better world.”


Ford has a global research and innovation to drive technology and innovation, with a newly expanded facility and team in Palo Alto, which collaborates with our teams in Aachen, Germany and in Dearborn.

The Center plays a critical role in delivering Ford Smart Mobility across Mobility, Connectivity, Autonomous Vehicles, Customer Experience and Big Data.

Now up – the experiments! 

One of the social collaboration projects looks at bicycles. Open XC is our open-source hardware and software platform, which we use to access data on our vehicles.

Ford is using OpenXC technology on our Info Cycle experiment, and a sensor box that can attach to any bike. The sensor box gathers data such as wheel speed, acceleration, weather and altitude – cool!

Check how it works below:



And the big news today:

Handle on Mobility, Ford’s newest experiment.
An exploration of use of electric bikes and a smart journey app, within an integrated transport solution.

“Ford Smart Mobility is looking at better solutions to get people from point A to point B”

A study published in October showed that the average European driver loses 111 hours a year due to congestion.



“Handle on Mobility is not just about developing a bike with cool features”

To deliver this experiment Ford employees across the globe were asked to submit designs for e-bikes. More than 100 designs were submitted!

The experiment enables Ford to learn about connected journeys, being able to seamlessly move different modes of transportation and react to changing traffic situations

Both e-bikes are equipped with a 200 W motor with 9-amp-hour battery, for speeds of up to 25 km/h (15 mph) and they use technology inspired by the automotive industry, including brake lights and a horn. Honk!

And here are the two protoypes chosen:




THIS is the MoDe: Me



And THIS is the MoDe:Pro




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Listen to Ken Washington, Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company talk Smart Mobility. 


That’s a wrap for day one! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s updates.


DAY 2 @MWC15

We’re back at it again, day two at Mobile World Congress. The sun is shining and the Congress is in a state of permanent glow (from smartphones). There have been some huge announcements from the Ford Development team in the last 24 hours, that you can read above. Let’s take you through today’s activities:


CNBC reporter Phil Han reported on the Smart Mobility e-Bike experiments. Check out his report below:



We’ve also been asking visitors on stand what their concerns about mobility are and hopes for the future are. Here’s a few of their responses.


Did you know Ford has a Global Future Mobility Manager?

Well, we do. Erica Klampfl is a passionate and integral part of the Ford Smart Mobility vision and was a guest today at the Mobile World Congress ‘Mobility Panel Discussion: A debate on ‘How technology connects to the human experience’.

Alongside Cisco, Telit, NXP and ERTICO ITS Europe Erica discussed, debated and delivered insight into the rapidly evolving automotive industry and the advanced communications technology.

Panel discussion

So what can we expect from our cars in the future?




What is Mobile World Congress?

Held from March 2-5, Mobile World Congress is the industry’s largest exhibition, attracting more than 85,000 people, and 1,800 companies from around the world.

So what are we doing there?

Actually, Ford has been hitting the headlines with news from Mobile World Congress for a few years now.