Making a stand

March 9, 2015

How do you choose the best stand at the world’s biggest global mobile fair?

Pick one of the 2,000-plus companies, showing off the latest in virtual reality, or wearables?

Or maybe give it to a car manufacturer – one that’s launched experiments worldwide to see how we might get about more easily in an increasingly congested world?

We showcased at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, our experiment Handle on Mobility that looks at e-bikes for commuters (MoDe:Me), and also for commercial users (MoDe:Pro).

Part of the Ford Smart Mobility plan, Handle on Mobility explores how the e-bikes could connect with a supporting app, public and private transport.

The Ford stand also presented further global mobility experiments worldwide that include car-sharing and shuttle buses, and revealed the latest apps we are integrating with our cars.

Presumably, this all helped decide to name Ford’s the best stand at the show. And from Europe’s best-selling computer magazine Computer Bild we received their Best Product Gadget award.

“Ford Smart Mobility ticked the boxes – it’s innovative, it improves quality of life and it shows the company’s social conscience,” said Evan Kypreos, editor, TrustedReviews.

If you missed anything, it’s all here on our Mobile World Congress live blog.

And finally, here’s what a few more visitors thought…