Making traffic jams and parking a breeze

December 2, 2015

We are developing a technology that could make the experience of being in a traffic jam a whole lot more relaxing.

Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver by keeping the vehicle centred in the lane and brakes and accelerates to keep pace with the vehicle in front. Activated at the push of a button, the system identifies the position of vehicles in front using radar and camera technology.


“For many drivers, fighting heavy traffic on the way to work leaves them stressed, angry and exhausted, even before the work day begins. Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead and helps to keep the vehicle centred in the lane. The system aims to reduce driver stress in dense traffic scenarios,” said Reid Steiger, technical expert, Automated Driving, Ford of Europe.

The driver can take over at any time by using the pedals, the steering wheel, or indicators. If the system detects a lack of steering interaction, it will issue warnings – and the driver must still monitor the driving environment, and be prepared to take control of the vehicle at any time.

We also are developing a remote control parking system. Remote Park Assist builds on Active Park Assist, available on current vehicles, and next generation tech Fully Assisted Parking Aid.

Vehicle sizes have increased by up to 25 per cent over the last 40 years, and while in many cases garages and parking spaces have remained the same size. Remote Park Assist will enable drivers to more easily perpendicular park in narrow garages and car parks. It could, for example, help parents who sometimes struggle to help young ones out of the car after parking in a tight parking space.


Using a special key fob, the driver will be able to remotely start the engine and shift gears, from a better vantage point, standing near the vehicle.