Meople patter – social media on the move

October 30, 2015

Here’s a fact that you may want to tweet, like or post: it is estimated that by 2018,
1-in-3 people worldwide will be using social media.*

And not just for status updates, either. Social media is the fastest growing sector on the Internet, where people age 44-years and under are most likely to get their news.**

We’re making it even easier to stay connected with friends, family and the wider world when in the car by introducing the Meople.Connector app for iOS and Android devices to our SYNC AppLink connectivity system.

The app combines a user’s social networks and social feeds into one stream. Drivers can use voice-control to “Read,” “Answer” or “Skip” messages from social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn, while keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

They can answer using pre-determined messages, which also can be customised by the user. Drivers can select how often updates are received, and send their current location to friends, family and colleagues.

“For many people today, social media is fundamental to staying up-to-date and informed. From a reminder that it’s a friend’s birthday, to hearing the minute your football team scores a goal, to breaking news, social media is part of the fabric of modern life,” said Don Butler, executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company.

Ford will show in-car apps in operation at Web Summit, which takes place in Dublin Nov. 3-5. In addition, Bill Ford is scheduled to speak on the opening day of Web Summit, while the company is inviting developers to take part in a 24-hour challenge to design apps for SYNC AppLink.