Mexican wrestler takes a seat for the ultimate challenge

April 5, 2016

Folding down rear seats and raising them again can be a bit of a wrestling match… and often it’s the seats that are victorious.

Legendary Mexican wrestler Silver King, star of Jack Black comedy “Nacho Libre”, finds this out in our latest video.  Filmed in front of a live crowd, the masked warrior is involved in an epic battle with a car seat, only to find himself out for the count.

There’s no such drama in our new Ford Galaxy people-mover, however. Clever tech can help parents carrying toddlers, or travellers with big suitcases, by folding the two rows of rear seats at the touch of a button and raising the third row with a button, too.

That also means the only wrestling Silver King needs do now is in the ring, which makes a lot more sense.

Check out the video below.