Mondeo Made Easy – Clever Materials

January 15, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car


Today we’re talking about some of the clever materials used in new Ford Mondeo
Did you just say “clever” materials?

Well, they’re stronger and lighter – seems clever to us
Stronger I get. Lighter equals good?

The lighter the vehicle the less power is required for it to move
I see

Firstly, we cut up to 115 kg from the previous model. Then we introduced some new features
Adding weight again?

All in a good cause. The technology we introduced saves energy and fuel by reducing wind resistance, and switching off the engine when you stop
Any other advantages?

Yes, the materials also make the new Mondeo even safer and more comfortable
How so?

We introduced massaging Multi-Contour Seats, and used super-strong steel in the door sills, for better side impact protection
Everything you’ve added is heavier?

Far from it. Parts like the tailgate have been replaced with lightweight magnesium or aluminium
So each part of the car uses the best material for the job it needs to do?

You’ve got it!