Mondeo Made Easy – Climate Control

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car

Are you ready for a heated discussion about the new Mondeo’s climate control and comfort systems?
Heated? Oh, I see what you did there. Go on then…

They will warm you up in double-quick time thanks to equipment that includes heated seats, and a heated steering wheel
That’s good. I hate cold mornings, especially waiting for the windscreen to clear

It has that covered, too. Computer models were used to develop the fastest possible de-fogging and de-icing patterns
Great. And what about when I want to cool down?

The Mondeo interior cools faster than any rival – from 55 degrees C to 18 degrees C in 15 minutes to be precise
That’s cool (Did you see what I did there?)

Erm, Yes I did. You can also control the temperature using voice commands such as “Max AC”, or more specific commands such as “Temperature 20 degrees”
I like that, anything else?

How about an air-quality sensor that automatically switches on air recirculation when pollution is detected to stop it spreading throughout the interior?
That’s a breath of fresh air




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