Mondeo Made Easy – Inflatable Rear Seatbelts

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car

Today we’re talking Inflatable Rear Seatbelts
Inflatable? You’re making this up right?

Nope. Ford is launching them in Europe on the new Mondeo
So, how do they work?

They are triggered by collisions – just like airbag technology
And the point is?

Passengers may find them to be more comfortable than regular seatbelts
Are there any safety benefits?

They restrain the passenger with material that covers a larger area than a conventional seatbelt. This can reduce the force applied to the chest in the event of an accident
Anything else I should know?


It can inflate in less time than it takes to blink?
I like that

We all done?
How about a heart-rending video that shows exactly what could happen when a couple of unusually lifelike crash test dummies experience the technology for the first time?

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