Mondeo Made Easy – Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car

Today we’re talking Intelligent All-Wheel Drive
Is that a good thing?

It means the Mondeo will help drive you round the bend
I repeat. Is that a good thing?

Yes, actually the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system is really helpful when driving around corners in tricky conditions
Such as…

Such as in slippery conditions. It helps stop the wheels from slipping, and prevents you from losing control
OK, I get it. And it does that by…

By adjusting the power delivered to each wheel so the car grips the road as well as it possibly can
OK, Woah there. How does the car know which wheel needs the power?

The vehicle’s on-board computer automatically checks how well each individual wheel is gripping the road

3,750 times a minute, and that’s more than 60 times a sec…
OK, I get the point. But isn’t this just Four-Wheel-Drive?

Nope. Four-Wheel-Drive splits power constantly across all four wheels
That’s good yes?

It’s great for off-roading, for example on very uneven ground when only one set of wheels may be on the ground. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is more suited to situations most of us face every day
It’ll help drive you round the bend?

That’s it exactly