Mondeo Made Easy – LED lighting

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car

Today we’re talking about Light Emitting Diodes
Excuse me?

LED lights
Aha, got you. Something to do with televisions?

And cars. They make it easier for you to see, and easier for other people on the road to see you
OK, tell me more…

LED Lights were actually first mass-manufactured in 1968 but have only recently been introduced to cars. The time taken to hit maximum brightness? One millionth of a second
I’m sold. And those slim headlights…

…are thanks to the design flexibility these lights offer, being both smaller and more adaptable than conventional headlights. Talking of adaptable…

Working together with our Adaptive Front Lighting system, the LED headlights automatically respond to different driving situations
Such as?

Such as how dark it is, how fast you are going, how far away the car in front is, whether the windscreen wipers are on, and whether there’s a bend in the road
Sounds pretty smart

It is. And bright. We’re talking daytime bright here
Thank you for this, erm, illuminating discussion.

It’s a pleasure