Mondeo Made Easy – Mondeo Hybrid

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car


Today we’re talking Ford’s new Mondeo Hybrid
Hybrid? Isn’t that some kind of electric car?

Think an electric car with a petrol engine
OK. And the point is?

When you are driving in electric mode you’re saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions
Sounds good. So why bother with a petrol engine at all?

The two work together so you also get the driving range of a regular petrol or diesel car
And I don’t need to plug it in?

I think you just spotted another advantage
Cool. So the new Mondeo Hybrid is…?

…Ford’s first hybrid vehicle to go on sale in Europe
But you can still get a petrol or diesel version?

You can, it’s kind of a power of choice thing
I see what you did there. Anything else I should know?

How about these five things…

Ford Mondeo Hybrid