Mondeo Made Easy – Parking technologies

January 14, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car


Today we’re talking about the new Ford Mondeo’s parking technology
You mean it beeps when you’re reversing?

No, it’s a bit more advanced than that. The Mondeo can actually find a space for you
Really, how?

By scanning for gaps at the side of the road
And then all I have to do is squeeze into it?

Nope. That’s when it gets really clever, because the Mondeo can help you to get into the space too
Now you’re talking! Tell me more

You operate the gears, accelerator and brake. The car will steer you in
Do you mean those spaces by the side of the road when cars are bumper to bumper, or when you park alongside another car like in a car park?


Oh good. And maybe it’s just me, but I sometimes struggle to get out of a space too…

No problem. The Mondeo can steer you out of spaces too
Anything else I should know?

Well, if you prefer to do the steering, the car can warn of obstacles to the sides, as well as the front and rear
Very handy

And, when you need it to be, hands-free, too

smart active park assist

smart perpendicular parking