Mondeo Made Easy – Safety Systems

January 15, 2015

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car

Today we’re talking about the tech that prevents accidents happening, and protects when they are unavoidable
OK, I’d rather avoid an accident altogether, how does Mondeo help do that?

To start with, Mondeo’s Pre-Collision Assist technology can spot obstacles ahead, warn the driver, and apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t respond
So I can avoid bumps with cars ahead?

Not just cars. Mondeo can spot people, too, and figure out if they’re likely to wander into the road

It knows if the car is drifting out of lane, and can steer it back on course
But what if an accident cannot be avoided?

Well, you’ll be better protected than ever
How so?

The body is made of 61 per cent high strength steel. And if you are in a situation where emergency help is required there’s a system that can help you contact the local emergency services. It also offers our Inflatable Rear Seatbelt
Did you just say inflatable?

It’s a new kind of seatbelt with an inflatable chest strap that deploys to cover an area five times greater than a conventional seatbelt – and faster than the blink of an eye
Sounds like a safe place to be

Don’t just take our word for it. Independent crash test authority Euro NCAP awarded the Mondeo a maximum five-star rating.

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