Music to your ears

September 7, 2015

Regardless of whether garage, grime, or grunge is what floats your boat musically, listening to favourite tracks can actually enable drivers to better focus on the road.

So says one expert who found that driver concentration was improved in both boring situations such as in slow-moving traffic and when tasks such as parallel parking were performed. *

In-car audio has come a long way from 8-tracks, shoeboxes full of cassette tapes and muffled speakers. We were actually the first manufacturer to introduce the 8-track player in 1965, and the first to install our own CD player in a vehicle in 1987.

The latest thing? Customers buying a new Fiesta, B-MAX, C-MAX, Focus, Kuga, Mondeo and Mondeo Vignale can now choose a premium Sony car system that enhances music from the radio, CD, or a playlist straight from your smartphone.


Equipped with up to 12 speakers, the 390-watts system is specially set up for high power efficiency and minimum battery use.

Sony knows a thing or two about music on the move – the Walkman, introduced in 1979, was the world’s first portable music player and completely changed the way we listen to music.