Mustang Comes to Europe: The Inside Story

July 3, 2015

An American icon – the Ford Mustang – is now on sale across Europe, for the first time in 50 years.

Check out the behind-the-scenes story of this defining moment in automotive history.

Episode 1: Destination France – “A very serious sports car”

How do you make sure that the convertible version of the iconic Ford Mustang delivers a driving experience that meets the expectations of the most demanding of drivers – and still enable you to throw two sets of golf clubs in the back?


Episode 2: Destination Belgium – “A little bit of terror”

How to avoid embarrassment with a quick getaway at the lights? Why we made all-new Mustang wider? Tyre-smokin’ track action? It’s all here…


Episode 3: Destination Scotland – “Like a fist breaking through”

Say “Scotland” to a petrolhead and they’ll start telling you about their favourite driving roads – and the amazing scenery. Ford’s vice president Design, Moray Callum, hits the high road in his native country – and talks you through the finer points of the all-new Mustang.


Episode 4: Destination Germany – “I gotta start it up if you don’t mind? Wow!”

A cross-country U.S. road trip in a 1966 Mustang is a life-changing experience for young Mustang fan Jim Farley – now Ford of Europe’s president and CEO.