MWC 2019: pointing businesses in the right direction

February 28, 2019

We are integrating new smartphone navigation apps into our SYNC 3 AppLink infotainment system that allows drivers to safely access features through voice control and touchscreen.

Using a unique algorithm, what3words divides the whole world into three metre squares and gives each square its own unique three word address.

Drivers with the iOS or Android app will be able to navigate to a precise location, such as a specific entrance on an industrial estate or a meeting spot for a mountain bike ride, simply by saying three words. For example, saying the words gently, talents and quibble, points to our stand at MWC Barcelona, where the integration of the app into our SYNC 3 system was announced today

Also announced was the integration of Sygic Truck Navigation that brings features tailored for commercial vehicles to an in-dashboard display, helping vans avoid narrow roads or getting stuck beneath low bridges.

Fully offline 3D mapping aids navigation even in rural areas; the app can also take account of the larger dimensions common with commercial vehicles – such as a high-roof van towing a trailer. Sygic Truck Navigation also supports camper van and motorhome drivers, providing optimised routes and custom points of interest including camping areas.

“We are providing important new tools to help get the job done, enabling drivers to navigate to their destinations – wherever they may be – quickly, confidently and accurately,” said Ford’s Don Butler.

Finally, TIDAL, the artist-owned music streaming service with HiFi audio capabilities, is also coming to our vehicles in Europe.