NAO’s musical memories help drivers feel good

September 18, 2017

We don’t all feel like little rays of sunshine first thing in the morning, and need all the help we can get to set our mood for the day.


London-based soul singer/songwriter NAO is here to help: she’s drawn on happy musical memories to create her new track Nostalgia, the latest addition to a selection of new music designed to make the morning commute a little brighter.


Each musician worked through the concept of linking their music to emotion and memory – previously Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and DJ/producers Mat.Joe wrote and produced tracks, following findings from a study we conducted with Spotify and New York University to explore the effect of music and memories on our emotions.


The results showed the right driving playlist can provide a mood-boost that can last for up to two hours after a morning commute.


“I love how the idea of music from our past ignites memories and particular emotions,” said NAO. “It was super-easy for me to explore because that’s the core of my music and where I draw from creatively anyway. Now I just want people to feel a three-minute dose of happiness when they hear my song.”


Nostalgia is accompanied by a short film produced by VICE, with NAO’s journey through sound featuring early locations on her map of musical success.


“We were excited to share the results of this scientific insight with the artists to give them the opportunity to create something special,” said Marcel Breker, engineer, Ford of Europe. “The immersive B&O PLAY system in the all-new Fiesta gives drivers the perfect space to listen to these exciting new adventures in sound.”



Listen to NAO’s specially-curated playlist, featuring her favourite driving tunes.


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