Need a coffee? Tell your car.

February 20, 2016

Drivers will soon be able to find a local café simply by saying to their car: “I need a coffee”.


This is one of the features of our new SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, which can also search for local petrol stations and parking spaces when the driver says: “I need petrol,” and “I need to park”.

Being launched at leading technology fair Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, SYNC 3 enables drivers to use conversational voice commands to control connected smartphones, audio, navigation, and climate functions.


The system also will make life easier to connect your car with your smartphone. iPhone users can activate Apple CarPlay. Android™ users can activate Android Auto™.

Software updates are easily downloaded, automatically via Wi-Fi once a vehicle is set up with credentials for a home Wi-Fi network – and drivers will be able to access real-time traffic information via the Ford Service App.



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