New tech helps you keep CALM and carry on

April 1, 2016

Forget about road-works, potholes or traffic jams. For parents, nothing spoils a journey quite like noisy kids in the back seat.

Our SYNC communication and entertainment systems can help. The technology lets drivers voice-activate Roald Dahl audiobooks and can even find a place for kids to eat simply by saying “I’m hungry”.

But for those occasions when even food and fairytales aren’t working, we’ve developed a new system that can automatically reduce noise levels from the rear seats.

Child Anarchy Layoff Mode – or CALM – can be voice-activated as part of the SYNC 3 system in our new Edge SUV.

CALM uses similar technology to our Active Noise Control system, which counteracts unwanted noises with opposing sound waves from the audio system.

“We aim to make our car interiors as relaxing as possible, but while we could develop intuitive controls and comfortable seats, there was nothing we could do about passengers creating stress for drivers… until now,” said Theresa Earthly, a technician at the Ford Obtrusive Oscillation Laboratory.

“CALM is particularly effective at reducing high-pitched noises from younger passengers, but we’re also developing a version that can cancel out lower frequencies, like the mother-in-law.”
CALM is available to order from today, April 1.