New video puts pedal to the metal in next-gen Fiesta ST

February 24, 2017

Check out our action-packed new video that shows a rally-driving ace at the wheel of our brand new Fiesta ST hot hatchback chased by a fearless BMX stunt sensation – inside the factory where the car is built.


Shot under controlled conditions at our Fiesta plant in Cologne, Germany, the stunt-filled film tests the talents of World Rally Championship driver Toni Kelly and BMX-pro Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep to their limits.

At one point, Keep – from the UK – even lands an 8.5-metre jump between two car transporters and over a barbed wire fence. Kelly puts the talents she has honed winning rallies in her homeland of Ireland to good use, racing at high speed just centimetres from the Fiesta production line.


The new video is the first time we’ve shown our next generation Fiesta ST, powered by an all-new three-cylinder, 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine with 200 PS.


The sporty looking model will also have Drive Modes that let drivers choose from Normal, Sport, or Track settings that change engine, steering and stability settings for the best performance wherever you’re driving – handy when trying to escape a super-skilled BMX rider.



Needless to say; don’t try this at home!