Not so smart! Bottom marks for student drivers

September 30, 2016

University students may not be so smart when it comes to safety behind the wheel.

We asked 2,313 drivers who either study at university or left school at 18 about their driving habits. More university students confessed to dangerous behaviour than school-leavers, admitting they are more likely to use their mobile phones, speed and even drive after drinking alcohol.

In fact, 43 per cent admit to sending texts, 36 per cent to answering calls, 60 per cent to regularly speeding and 13 per cent to having driven while over the alcohol limit in their country. By comparison, 45 per cent of school-leavers admit to speeding, 9 per cent drink driving, and 41 per cent using their mobile phones while driving.

The survey is part of our Driving Skills For Life programme, which offers hands-on training to young people in thirteen countries across Europe.  Classes cover hazard recognition, vehicle handling, and speed and space management; as well as the risks posed by drinking and driving, driving after taking drugs, and taking selfies. To find out more about the programme and future events, visit


In the meantime, if you’re a student just starting at university, or are about to start, check out these smart graduates from our Ford graduate scheme in the video below. We asked them what you should know before you go, and the one essential thing to take with you. They also helped with a fun infographic on getting through your first year.



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