Prangs a lot! Meet the tech fighting back against costly car park scrapes

November 18, 2014

Every minute in the U.K. there is another car park prang.

Maybe it’s a clumsily opened door that creates a scratch or dent as the family tumble out at the supermarket. Maybe it’s a clumsy parker who has misjudged a space.

Experts also point to the fact that cars today are bigger than ever – while parking spaces have remained the same size, or even become smaller.

According to the Mail Online, 500,000 car park prangs a year – more than 1,400 a day – are costing U.K. drivers more than £700 million.

We also have found that parking can be incredibly stressful for drivers.

A survey of 6,500 drivers from across Europe, commissioned by Ford, found one in three took two or more attempts to parallel park – and new drivers found a visit from the in-laws preferable by comparison.

A little more seriously, we have introduced a range of features to our cars designed to make parking easier, and reduce the chances of dings and scrapes in the car park.

Check them out below – and follow the links to the full videos…

1) Rear view cameras

2) Perpendicular parking

3) Parallel parking

4) Door edge protector

5) Cross traffic alert