Survey shows SUVs are must-have car for Millennials

September 7, 2015

Are you aged between 17 and 34? Then the chances are high that when it comes to choosing a new car – an SUV tops the wish list.

That’s according to a new survey we commissioned of 5,000 people across the U.K. and Europe that found that one in four of so-called Millennials in the market for a new car are considering buying an SUV in the next year.

The overwhelming majority said they thought that SUVs have become more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly over the last five years.  Most also believe SUVs are the best car for “going anywhere” and for staying safe.

The survey also found that Millennials see SUVs as more sporty and fun to drive than other cars, are cars they want to be seen in, and that they make them feel powerful when they drive.

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Little wonder then that we’re expecting to sell three times as many SUVs in Europe in 2016 compared to 2013.

Over the next three years we plan to launch five new vehicles to help meet the anticipated demand for SUVs and crossover vehicles. Next year, the new Edge , our large SUV, will join our mid-sized Kuga and smaller EcoSport SUVs.


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