Restoring Festive Spirit

December 19, 2018

For the past six years we’ve had a bit of fun at Christmas with a stop motion animation video. It’s like our small gift to everyone that we hope puts a smile on their faces.

This year, we’re at it again but with a slightly more tender storyline than the usual high octane antics of the Snowkhana series (or for an interactive experience, last year’s can be seen here).

This short video is an acknowledgement of the role our cars can play in the lives of our customers, through the good times and the bad. When a young woman stumbles upon her dad’s old car in a state of disrepair – that she grew up with and even owned after she passed her driving test – how could she not try to restore it to its former glory?

Some may say cars are just metal, but often the family memories created in them can make them so much more, and that’s something worth celebrating.

The entire film was shot on an iPhone using the Stop Motion app, and is the first YouTube video we’ve every uploaded to be shot entirely on a mobile device.