Roll up! Roll up! It’s the Tour de France!

July 21, 2016

She calls it “moving the circus from one town to another”. They call her operations manager. Meet Greet Verhulst, who helps keeps Team Sky cyclists, including Britain’s Chris Froome, on track.


From her mission control desk at the Team Sky Service Course in Belgium, Greet organises the movements of the nine Tour de France riders, more than 30 crew, and our vehicles – including the Mustang scouting car between each of the 21 Tour stages.


“I’m available 24/7. If there’s a crash or a rider is sick and needs to fly home I organise the trip, even at night or on the weekend. I take care of the travel and logistics of the team, with riders coming in from all over Europe to race,” said Greet, whose previous role as a television producer was the perfect preparation for organizing on a grand scale.



“This job is similar because it’s making everything happen and putting it all together so everybody knows what to do and where to be,” Greet added.
We are Team Sky’s exclusive supplier of cars and vans, with models also including Mondeo, S-MAX, Edge, and Transit.

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