Safe travels

October 13, 2015

We care about how our cars, look, drive, and perform – but above all we make sure that our cars are as safe as possible, for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Crash-testing is a key part of ensuring that, in the event of an accident, our vehicles afford maximum protection. For the Ford Focus RS alone we crashed 28 prototypes.


There is no greater testament to the hard work that goes into developing our vehicles than feedback from our customers, especially when it comes to safety. Last week, Darren Crew, from the U.K. sent us this message via Facebook.

“Hi just wanted to say a big thank, I don’t know who I needed to send this to within your company so assumed this would be one of the best ways to thank your company from the bottom of my heart, today one of your cars saved the life of my sister and my 2 little nephews after they were hit head-on at about 45mph. All 3 managed to get out of the car and the only injuries was 1 broken collar bone to one of the boys. Thanks, thanks & thanks again. I will never let anyone tell me that your cars are not the safest. Darren Crew.”

We wish Darren and his family all the best – as well as a speedy recovery to all those involved. The efforts we put into ensuring our vehicles are as safe as possible also is recognised by independent vehicle safety organisation, Euro NCAP.

As you’ll see from the graphic below, we offer more vehicles with a maximum 5-Star safety rating, and havewon more awards for safety technologies, than anyone else.


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