Seeing the Future through VR

October 25, 2017

Many of us have experienced virtual reality, but not many of us have done it at the same time as 500 other people.


This is exactly what happened at a recent event when our “Autolivery” concept came to life in a virtual reality experience shared by the whole audience.


Autolivery is a future concept developed by a team of employees for our Last Mile Mobility Challenge, and focuses on the challenging final stages in automated delivery. It imagines electric self-driving vans used together with drones to pick up and drop off goods and packages in urban areas.


The VR experience at the Auto-Gipfel event in Germany was one part of a speech by Steven Armstrong, Group Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ford Motor Company, who was outlining our vision for the City of Tomorrow.


“We have to imagine the future and then build it. How can we do that? By showing, not merely telling…,” said Armstrong. “New ways of seeing mobility lead to new ways of delivering for our customers in a modern setting. We at Ford are excited about the possibilities ahead and the Freedom of this progress.”


To see his full speech, click here.