Shockproof, waterproof and lasts a lifetime

August 26, 2016

Can you guess the everyday technology that just keeps going as smartphones and tablets fall by the wayside with cracked screens, slow-running software, and desire for the latest model?
It’s our super-tough new version of the humble ignition key, designed to last a lifetime in the hands of the most demanding drivers.

Water Test Drop Test Dust Test Battery Life workmen

We tested the key – for Transit and Transit Custom vans – to ensure it could survive being submerged underwater for 30 minutes, dropped 50 times onto a concrete floor and exposed to temperatures from 60 C to – 20 C.

To all appearances the fob looks like any other ignition key. However, to ensure it is completely waterproof, the key is permanently sealed shut. The inside of the key is carefully designed to resist typical workplace impacts, and a rechargeable battery cell is charged whenever the key is placed in the ignition.

“Our customers want a key which can tackle the hard knocks of construction sites and city deliveries, and keep coming back for more,” said Jonathan Allan, electrical engineering supervisor, Ford of Europe. “While a mobile phone can sometimes let you down, Ford has ensured that Transit drivers have a key which is just as rugged as their vehicle.”
The shockproof key is the latest generation of a design which has been refined and developed with 10 years of feedback from Transit customers.