Shower Proof Caps Water Savings

June 25, 2014

Access to clean, affordable water and sanitation is a basic human right.

In 2000 we started strategically working to improve the company’s water impact globally.

Since then we have cut the total amount of water used worldwide by 37 million litres of water – a 30 per cent reduction equivalent to 1 billion five-minute-long showers

Here’s one example of how we did it. At our plants in Cologne, Germany, and Craiova, in Romania we used to use two litres of water coolant in the machining of each aluminium engine part.

Now we use just five millilitres.

Initiatives such as this have helped contribute to achieving two years ahead of schedule a 30 per cent global reduction in “per vehicle water use” since 2009.

Plans are now under way to further cut water use by another 2 per cent this year and to set new long-term goals.

And Ford this year also will work more closely with suppliers to achieve further reductions.

Published this week, Ford’s 15th annual Sustainability Report highlights the company’s continued commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.