Six tips that could cut your car’s fuel bill by one-third

October 19, 2017

How would you like an extra third of a tank of fuel for free, every time you fill up at the pumps?


That’s how much you could save by following six simple eco-driving tips, as we demonstrated at the UK’s MPG Marathon, where drivers compete to be the most fuel-efficient.

This year’s overall champions, journalist Paul Clifton and engineer Ian McKean, set a new record for the event when they used just 2.3 l/100 km of diesel in our all-new Ford Fiesta small car. That’s a 34 per cent improvement on the official fuel-efficiency test figure, just by driving sensibly.


And ex-rally team-mates Andy Dawson and Andrew Marriott set a new event record for a petrol-powered car, using just 2.9 l/100 km of fuel – 33 per cent better than the official figure.


“Maximising fuel-efficiency not only saves money, but smooth driving can also be fun,” said Andy Dawson. “Using less fuel also means reduced emissions, limiting motorists’ environmental impact.”


Drivers of larger vehicles can also make big savings. Experience eco-drivers Knut Wilthil and Henrik Borchgrevink have set an unconfirmed world record in our Ford Ranger pickup, for the furthest distance travelled in a pickup on a single tank of fuel.

The pair covered 1616 kilometres through Norway, Sweden and Finland during the 30 hours of driving and used just under 5.0 l/100 km of fuel – equivalent to gaining almost one-quarter of a tank of fuel for free.


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