Smartphone app changes how cars are made

February 11, 2016

More than 100 years after Henry Ford started the first moving assembly line we are bringing his pioneering invention into the smartphone age with a wearable device and app.

The new app simplifies the car-making process at our plant in Valencia, Spain, and enables production line workers to make faster, more accurate quality checks on the spot.

Previously, workers used a paper-based system that meant walking back and forth more than one kilometre a day to access information on desktop PCs.

Now, a new Android app means checks can be made using a wrist-worn device, for each vehicle that passes along the assembly line.

This has helped to reduce human error by 7 per cent and made each vehicle check seven seconds quicker.

Quite something when, in Valencia alone, the number of vehicles produced this year is expected to exceed 400,000 units.