Start your day the Mat.Joe way

August 20, 2017

Kicking off your morning with a long drive to work may not be a thrilling prospect, but German dance music producers Mat.Joe could save the day for bleary-eyed commuters.


Their new track, Don’t Hold Back, has an infectious beat and dark, atmospheric soundscape that’s perfect for a behind-the-wheel mood boost.


Linking to a study we conducted with Spotify and New York University, the duo worked to produce the elements that worked best in morning playlists. Surprisingly, a driving beat coupled with a melancholy feel did wonders for improving mood on the journey to work.


“Sad, heavy harmonies have always had a strong effect on us, even as children we couldn’t quite explain it when In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins made the hairs on the back of our necks stand up,” said Mat.Joe. “The right energy in a song can make you realise you don’t need that coffee – you can get straight to work and get the day started.”



The study also taught us that perfectly pitched playlists can enhance our mood for up to two hours after a drive. Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard launched our feel-good sonic selection with his playlist and track Momentum and British soul sensation NAO’s creation is coming soon. Each track is accompanied by a video produced by VICE.


“We were excited to share the results of this scientific insight with the artists to give them the opportunity to create something special,” said Marcel Breker, engineer, Ford of Europe. “The immersive B&O PLAY system in the all-new Fiesta gives drivers the perfect space to listen to these exciting new adventures in sound.”

Click here for Mat.Joe’s specially curated commuting playlist which should help to put a little more groove in your daily grind.


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