Taking technology to the Edge

February 21, 2018

After making a big impact following its launch in Europe in 2016, Edge now offers new tech that includes a premium sound system, and powerful new engine and gearbox combos.

Edge can already differentiate between pedestrians and inanimate objects at the side of the road, track other vehicles and people before automatically braking if a collision looks imminent, and steer you in and out of parking spaces.

Now, using existing radar and camera technology, Edge can automatically ensure a comfortable driving distance from vehicles ahead, that you stay in the middle of your lane, and can also steer around stopped or slower vehicles in emergencies. New Edge will also gently apply the brakes after a collision to prevent further problems.

It’s not all about the driver assistance tech though, with a seamless transition between your home and mobile entertainment systems with smart phone connectivity from SYNC 3, wireless phone charging and a premium 1000-watt B&O PLAY sound system.

There’s more power too, from an efficient new bi-turbo diesel engine and a brand new eight-speed auto gearbox that knows if you’re a sporty driver or prefer to take a smoother, more fuel-efficient approach and adjust its shift patterns accordingly.