Thanks Dad! It’s been one “L” of a journey…

December 9, 2016

Carlo Tedeschi’s children have traditional names: Cristina, Monica, Francesco, Massimo, Paolo, Valentina, Chiara… and Fiesta?

Rather than running out of Italian names, Carlo and his wife Gianfranca see their small white car, bought 38 years ago, as their eighth child. And when, two years ago, Carlo was diagnosed with cancer, his seven “other” children immediately decided to restore the much-loved family member to its former glory.

All of the Tedeschi children, whose ages range from 46 to 28, were taught to drive in the Fiesta, that Carlo bought new, from a dealership near their home in Sant’llario d’Enza, Reggio Emilia, in Italy. The only car he has ever bought new now has 245,000 kilometers on the clock, and was showing signs of wear and tear.


“The Fiesta has been a big part of our family. Myself, and my two younger sisters not only learned to drive in the Fiesta, but were brought home from hospital in this car by my father,” said youngest son Paolo, 34. “We knew it was his dream for the car to be like new again. It’s been there for weddings, holidays, it’s like another brother or sister. Everyone knows our car. We are the Fiesta family.”

To qualify for classic car status, and a special golden plaque, cars must feature only original parts. The stumbling block was the frayed seat fabric, unavailable in Italy. However, news of their mission reached German Fiesta enthusiasts, who launched an appeal and saved the day. The Tedeschi family was also guests of honour as we revealed the next generation Fiesta in Cologne last week.

“She is a beautiful car again. I wish I could be restored so easily,” said Carlo.

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