That was the year that was

December 22, 2015

Supercars, speed dating and speeding tickets. It might sound like a memorable New Year’s Eve, but were in fact some of our most popular stories of 2015.



Traffic calming

Everyone hates traffic jams, so we’re working on Traffic Jam Assist  that could take some of the pain out of being in a traffic jam, reducing driver stress, improving traffic flow, and potentially helping to prevent accidents


No. 9

You Drive Me Crazy

Our collection of Valentine’s Day treats certainly warmed people’s hearts. The highlight? Pranking some unsuspecting speed daters.


No. 8

Cars that can see round corners?

Ford Front Split View Camera

Ford’s new Front Wide-View Camera system uses a camera at the front of the car to help drivers see what’s coming from either direction when pulling out at junctions


No. 7

The end for speeding tickets?


Breaking the speed limit is not something we always do on purpose. All the same, it can be costly, but not with Intelligent Speed Limiter, a technology that could help prevent drivers from unintentionally exceeding speed limits


No. 6

Heard it through the great vine?

What have hastily applied lipstick, magic buttons, and wellies got in common? Each made their way into one of the weird and wonderful #6SECFORDTECH Vines


No. 5

Sounds good

Driving older cars can be fun for all kinds of reasons. It can though be a shock to find out just how noisy they are. We are now introducing technology to make it quieter still for drivers and passengers, by applying a little noise-cancelling know-how used in headphones.


No. 4

Night vision


Imagine headlights that can read the road ahead and adjust the light beam to help drivers see people, animals and junctions at night. Ford’s camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System can do exactly that



The story behind the new Focus RS


A legend was reborn in 2015. Ford’s famous RS badge will adorn the Focus once again in 2016 and here’s everything you need to know about its rebirth in an epic eight-episode video series


No. 2

The Legend of GT


Ford Performance has enjoyed an unprecedented year of new releases, including the new Focus RS and in the U.S., the F-150 Raptor and Shelby GT350 Mustang. At the top of the tree? The awesome new Ford GT supercar


No. 1

Player 1 ready?

Ford Reveals New Mustang for Europe; Delivers Sleek Design, Adva

We combined one of the hottest new performance cars on the market with one of the hottest new technologies to create the amazing multi-perspective Mustang hot lap. Enjoy a fully-controllable 360 degree view around the car on a hot lap of the famous Silverstone Formula 1 circuit.

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