The Kids Aren’t Alright

August 28, 2015

Kids often get the blame for making car journeys difficult, but according to our new survey it’s the parents that are having a negative effect on in-car ambience.

We found that out of 2,002 children across Europe aged 7-12, 66 per cent get annoyed by their parents singing at the wheel, shouting at other drivers and picking their noses.

Singing parents are least popular in the U.K. where 39 per cent of children ranked this their biggest pet hate.

Children in France, the only country that didn’t rank singing as the worst habit, were twice as likely to complain about their parents shouting at other drivers.

What do kids do when they get bored? You guessed it… asking: “Are we there yet?” is the most likely response (63 per cent). Children in the U.K. and Italy are more likely to ask mum and dad to put on some music.

Children 8 Final-01

When it comes to getting children to behave, 26 per cent said mum and dad hand over their smartphones, while U.K. parents would be most likely to offer a snack (29 per cent).

Though both boys and girls across all countries said dad is the best driver (61 per cent), Italian dads got the biggest thumbs up (67 per cent), and U.K. mums came closest to being favourite (45 per cent).

And as for nose-picking; parents in the U.K., then Italy and Germany are the worst offenders…

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