The making of “Dronekhana”

August 19, 2016

How do you fly a drone through a car, or freeze two drones in mid-air just like in The Matrix? Find out now with our new behind-the-scenes video that spills the secrets of “Dronekhana”.

Showcasing the talents of two of the world’s best drone pilots as they take on a unique obstacle course, including a drifting Focus RS, and a smoking Ford Mustang, the ”Dronekhana” video has been an immediate hit with petrol heads and drone racing fans alike.


Now the new footage reveals exactly how it was done. Did you know:

  • the drones used are capable of speeds of up to 120 km/h – and can fly for only three minutes at top speed before the batteries need replacing or recharging?
  • the balloons were filled with smoke – and generous amounts of talcum power?
  • each of the 12 Mustang burnouts lasted 15 seconds using electronic Line Lock system?
  • a rig of 36 GoPro cameras was used to capture the drones mid-action in the style made famous by 1999 film The Matrix?
  • “Dronekhana” follows the series of Snowkhana videos that are a Ford festive tradition?
Topics: Speed