The new model we’ve kept very quiet

April 17, 2015

Even when you’re not listening to music, noise-cancelling headphones are great for providing a little peace and quiet in noisy environments.

Our new Active Noise Cancellation system applies similar technology to reduce the amount of engine noise audible to drivers and passengers. Three microphones in the cabin monitor for engine noise that is then counteracted by sound waves from the audio system.

This is just one of the ways in which we have ensured the new Ford Vignale Mondeo, the first in our new range of Vignale cars, offers something special.

Each car is hand-finished by a dedicated team of craftspeople in our new Vignale Centre in Valencia, Spain, receiving 100 additional quality checks.

Experts hand-polish the paintwork and meticulously scrutinise the fine detailing of the leather, with each hide checked for flaws. Master craftspeople apply hand-finishing, the latest laser and camera technology help examine the finish.

Further advanced technologies that are available with The Ford Vignale Mondeo include Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and Multi-Contour Seats.

Customers are supported by dedicated relationship managers who deliver personalised services including collection and delivery for servicing and valeting.

To meet the European design team behind Vignale and learn what it take to create the experience, we’ve teamed up with Dazed Group to present a series of films focusing on the contemporary and expressive design is at the heart of the Ford Vignale experience.

Follow the link to further explore the Ford Vignale Mondeo.