The road ahead

February 6, 2015

The laser-guided Mondeo

Self-driving cars were once the stuff of science-fiction.

Now it’s more a case of when, rather than whether, autonomous vehicles will hit the road.

Ford cars already feature technologies that help drivers park, avoid rear-end collisions, and adjust the headlight settings according to the surroundings.

This year, we will provide two prototype cars for U.K. Autodrive, a new government-sponsored initiative studying how driverless and connected cars can be integrated into everyday life.

Equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication capability, the cars will be used to help test a new public transport system.

We’ve also teamed up with experts at RWTH Aachen University, in Germany, to look at ways of helping solve future global transportation challenges.

Ford will look at how companies such as Apple and Amazon have expanded to deliver a full ecosystem of hardware and software platforms and services.

The two-year study will investigate the technologies, services and solutions that could help respond to changing travel preferences and expectations – as well as congestion and environmental issues.