The self-driving cars that could give you a Lyft

September 27, 2017

We’re making a significant step toward bringing self driving vehicles to the masses by partnering with US ride-sharing service Lyft.


The partnership will combine our autonomous vehicle and large scale manufacturing experience with Lyft’s network of customers and growing demand for rides.


“Someday, when you open the Lyft app during a period of high demand, Ford and Lyft software will need to be capable of quickly dispatching a self-driving vehicle so that you can get to your destination as quickly and as safely as possible,” wrote Sherif Marakby, our vice president for Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification, in a special article for Medium.


Our developer teams already are working together, programming ours and Lyft’s systems so they can communicate with one another. When ready, we’ll have self-driving cars operating alongside the current community of drivers.


“We expect that our partnership with Lyft will accelerate our efforts to build a profitable and viable self-driving vehicle business,” said Marakby.

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