The Sky’s the Limit

November 27, 2014

It’s almost 50 years since we celebrated the arrival of the first Mustang by taking it to bits and then reassembling it on top of what was at the time the world’s tallest building – the 380-metre Empire State Building, in New York.

So how to top that with the new Mustang?

How about taking it up a level – or actually many levels – by repeating the same trick at what is now the world’s tallest building, the 828-metre Burj Khalifa, in Dubai?

To pull off the stunt the team had to cover 30 kilometres in elevator rides alone as they took the six cut-up sections of Mustang up to the 112th floor and painstakingly pieced it back together.


The culmination of the stunt, a tongue-in-cheek race-against-time to fit to the front of the car the final part of the jigsaw – the iconic pony badge – was seen live by thousands in Dubai and many more people worldwide via a live stream.

Watch the highlights now.

(Spoiler alert! Wondering who the star of the video is? The answer is executive chairman Bill Ford – great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford.)