Tomato Source of Car Parts?

June 10, 2014

Next time you’re smothering your chips in ketchup its worth giving a thought to the peel, stems, and seeds that did not make it as far as the bottle.

One day they could be in the car you are driving.

We’ve teamed up with Heinz to look into recycling the parts that are left over when their famous tomato ketchup is produced.

So far, engineers have found a way of creating strong, lightweight materials that could be used in future Ford vehicles as wiring brackets or storage compartments.

ford-heinz-sustainability med

Why? It’s all part of Ford’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while accelerating development of fuel-efficient vehicle technology worldwide.

The use of recycled bio-based materials has increased in recent years and has included recycled cotton material for carpeting and seat fabrics, and soy foam seat cushions.