Transit vans are still the business

July 14, 2015

50 years after it first hit the road, the iconic Transit van continues to make a significant and growing contribution to the economy, according to a new study. The Centre for Economics and Business Research report shows that van-dependent businesses contributed a total of €120 billion to U.K. in 2014 – up by 26 per cent compared with 2010. The report, which we commissioned to better understand the impact of commercial vans on today’s economy, reveals the role played by a major growth in online shopping, and the thousands of new painters, plumbers and plasterers who have recently started trading. Overall, there are now 3.4 million vans on U.K. roads travelling a total of 63 billion miles during 2014. With an expanded line-up of four models, Transit has been the U.K.’s best-selling van each and every year since it was launched back in 1965. And just last month our commercial vehicle range recorded best-ever monthly sales for June. “Most people see the Transits and other work vans on the road every day and don’t realize how vital they are for business at large, as well as the overall economy,” said Barb Samardzich, chief operating officer, Ford of Europe. “Even as our economy changes and evolves – with shifts to online shopping for example – the demand for Transit vans is only rising.”

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