Tree frogs, feet and mermaids? Giant letters reveal your passions

August 20, 2018

You spoke, and we listened (or at least our giant Focus letters, powered by artificial intelligence, did). And now we know what you’re really into.

In Italy, there’s a passion for mermaids, in Germany its tree frogs, in Spain its feet and here in the U.K. its Vikings – or at least it is for some people.

Across the board the most popular mentions – that were then displayed across the giant letters in landmark locations – were travel, music and of course, on a lot of people’s minds earlier this summer, football.

The huge first-of-its-kind installation consisted of 540 LED video tiles embedded on a six-metres high, 30-metres long structure to spells the word FOCUS. Training the Artificial intelligence alone took 200 hours. Across Europe, over 2,500 people interacted with our Focus letters, with 84 per cent of them downloading their personalised content to share on social media.

Topics: Focus