Time to get race ready

It’s time to fill up the water bottle, don the cycling gloves and brace yourself for another adrenaline-fuelled season of cycling. Once again we’ll be rooting for the team in blue – Team Sky. Although, the 28 riders will have to go some to top last year’s achievements. Chris Froome won the Tour de France […]

Pothole warnings beamed to your car could save you hundreds of pounds

A pothole damage claim is received by local authorities every 17 minutes – with claims averaging £432.* And with this winter tipped to set records as being the worst ever, freezing temperatures, ice and snow will likely lead to more cracked and potholed roads. You could, however, be spared costly car repairs with our new […]

We help Team Sky take on the highway to hell

Cyclists call it “the Hell of the North”. Paris-Roubaix is a brutal cycle race that covers 160 miles over potholed roads and more than 30 miles of cobblestones.   The race leaves the cyclists caked in mud after six hours of riding, and is one of the most gruelling on Team Sky’s calendar. To help […]

What do a rally car and a daily runaround have in common?

Loud, lacking creature comforts and very, very fast – it might seem that high-tech rally cars are quite removed from the car on your drive. But not always. Underneath the bonnet of the Fiesta R2 rally car, which competes this weekend at the Monte Carlo Rally, is a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which also powers 12 […]

What happens when autonomous cars meet bad drivers?

How would an autonomous car respond to someone running a red light? This is just one of the questions that we are exploring at a special test facility that simulates a busy city. The 32-acre full-scale urban environment Mcity, in the U.S., opened earlier this year to offer real-world road scenarios that can’t be replicated […]

The Car That Works Like Giant Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Want to drown out the drone on a flight, or silence commuters on a train? That’s when noise-cancelling tech comes into its own. Now we have applied that thinking to a car. Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed inside the car, to detect undesirable unwanted sounds that might intrude – such as engine […]

Testers turn ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to family-proof cars

As modern families turn cars into mobile beauty salons and dinner tables, our test team in Europe is forced to come up with new and diabolical ways to family-proof cars. Torture testing includes beauty and grooming products alongside coffee and fizzy drinks.  The team is even testing to ensure interiors can withstand red-hot hair straighteners, […]