Cheeky test ensures you’re sitting comfortably

From a 21-stone American football player to an 8-stone woman, we have enlisted more than 1,000 volunteers of all shapes and sizes to make sure our new front seats are just right. Two-and-a-half years in the making, the new F-Gen 2 seats were also subjected to 10,000 hours prodding and pushing from a state-of-the-art robot […]

How to stage an Easter Egg Hunt – in your car

We challenged four excited children to track down a treasure trove of chocolate treats hidden in the nooks and crannies of an S-MAX. Not as easy as they thought… If this inspires you to hold an Easter Egg Hunt in your own car be sure to tweet your pix and clips to @fordeu. We’ll share […]

New VIPs unveiled at our Vignale Impressive Preview

We’ve teamed up with two of the UK’s hottest fashion designers to launch our expanded line-up of exclusive Ford Vignale models. Father and son team Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford have between them styled a virtual galaxy of stars including Oscar-winning Bond-theme performer Sam Smith. The Casely-Hayford’s will be among the faces helping launch our Ford […]

Testers turn ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to family-proof cars

As modern families turn cars into mobile beauty salons and dinner tables, our test team in Europe is forced to come up with new and diabolical ways to family-proof cars. Torture testing includes beauty and grooming products alongside coffee and fizzy drinks.  The team is even testing to ensure interiors can withstand red-hot hair straighteners, […]

Cars that can see round corners?

Blind junctions can be a nerve-wracking experience for drivers who rely on slowly inching forward into traffic, while straining to see and hear other vehicles. To reduce stress, and potentially help avert collisions – we are now introducing a new camera technology that can see around corners, even when drivers cannot. Available as an option […]

A question of grip

Think fast. With front wheels on ice and rear wheels on tarmac – where should the power go? If you said the rear wheels, give yourself a tick. But even for those who answered in a flash, it might be a tall order to measure grip 20 times in the time it takes to blink, […]

Could this spell the end for speeding tickets?

Breaking the speed limit is not something we always do on purpose. All the same, it can be costly in terms of fines, and driving bans, as well as playing a significant role in many road accidents. In the U.K. alone, in 2013, more than 15,000 drivers received fines of £100 or more for speeding. […]